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Sugary Rum Productions / LPD Productions

Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House 2021
Book, Music and Lyrics by Jonathan Larson
Director Shaun Rennie
Musical Director Andrew Worboys
Choreographer Luca Dinardo
Set Designer Dann Barber
Costume Designer Ella Butler
Lighting Designer Trent Suidgeest
Sound/Video Designer David Bergman
Assistant Director Amy Sole
Producers Gus Murray and Lauren Peters


“Rennie directs on a suitably grungy set designed by Dann Barber, who puts a wooden platform with scaffolding and mobile metal staircases onto the open Drama Theatre stage, with the tight, four-piece band, led by Musical Director Andrew Worboys, sitting in the top left corner. A large, luminous moon gleams on the top of a long pole, which can also be moved around. Ella Butler’s costuming captures the vibe of impoverished but creative bohemians – from a cheeky Christmas tree outfit for Angel to natty checked pants and loafers for Collins to jeans and denim jacket for Roger, as well as a beautiful costume moment when Angel dies – all moodily lit by Trent Suidgeest.”

Jo Litson - Limelight

4 January, 2021

"Dann Barber's set design allows Rennie to keep the audience attention on the stories being told. Exposed lighting rig, industrial staircases, and an unpainted timber central raised stage, paired with Trent Suidgeest's lighting, keeps the focus on the human interactions... Canvas banners of charcoal and pen sketches and graffiti initially help anchor the story in New York's Alphabet City and later punctuate scenes whilst also reconnecting the work with its bohemian community of artists. The use of a large mobile moon presents the opportunity for beautiful imagery while also assisting with the shifting of locations and the passage of time..."

Jade Kops - BWW

4 January, 2021

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