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"Then there is Dann Barber’s set design, another in a string of his inspired, suggestive constructions: here, two rough off-white walls in which there are ingenious and unexpected entrances and windows.  His costumes (supervised and realised by Alexandra Aldrich), are a strange combination of medieval and commedia dell’arte – the men and Swing in varied shades of grey while Anya under a towering red wig is all hoop skirt, lace, ruffs and furbelows.  There is no rational reason for this, but we don’t puzzle over it: it’s all in keeping with the bizarre, absurd utterly theatrical version of reality established from the first moments.  The grey palette continues into the head and claws of the crocodile – and the eye-catching ‘simulated nudity’ which follows."

Stage Whispers, Michael Brindley

FEBRUAY 26, 2023


Write Tom Basden
Director: Cassandra Fumi
Costume supervisor and maker: Alexandra Aldrich
Set and Costume Design: Dann Barber
Design associate: Savanna Wegman
Sound design: Gabriel Bethune
Lighting design: Spencer Herd
Stage manager: Luci Watts
Assistant stage manager: Finn McLeish
Cast: James Cerche, Joey Lai, Cait Spiker and Jessica Stanley

"Elaborate costumes – designed by Dann Barber; constructed by Alexandra Aldrich – play a significant role in both visual gags and satire. I don’t want to give too much away, but some fun highlights include a baroque-fantasy hair tower with a Melbourne special inside, and a rude Darwinian flourish as the artist in the crocodile succumbs to the devolution of newfound fame.

Woven throughout are spiky hot takes on rentier capitalism, social inequality, celebrity and cancel culture, fake news, the purpose of art, and much more, but they’re so organically entwined in the unfolding absurdity that you’ll be too busy cacking yourself to catch them all."

THE AGE, Cameron Woodhead 

FEBRUAY 26, 2023



The gothic, weird world of Dann Barber

THE AGE, Nadia Bailey

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

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